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I started collecting cards in 1982.  Here are some of my most prized cards from my childhood.  I always enjoyed the Topps product as a kid.  Currently I typically like the Upper Deck style of cards.  I'm aware of what the cards are worth, but I still collect because I enjoy baseball.  I don't try to short sell any cards for a quick buck, I'm a fan.  I hope you enjoy some of the cards and maybe a trip down memory lane with me.


Steve Garvey was my favorite player growing up.  I have his base card in Topps for every year he played.

Steve Garvey Rookie Card
Topps 1997

Steve Garvey
Topps 1972

Wade Boggs for my beloved Redsox and Don Mattingly battled for popularity in the 1980s

Wade Boggs Rookie Card
Topps 1983
Don Mattingly Rookie Card
Fleer 1984

The mid 90's trinity of short stop supremes!

Derek Jeter Rookie Card
Topps 1993

Nomar Garicaparra Rookie Card
Topps 1995

Alex (A-Fraud) Rodriguez
SP 1994

The infamous steriod abusers!  While Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, and Roger Clemens aren't the only ones to abuse steriods, they sure became the poster children!  Jason Giambi and Andy Pettite admitted to using.  Sammy Sosa seems likely.  Most laughably was Rafael Palmeiro waving his finger at congress that he never used steriods and then tested positive a few month later claiming he thought it was a B-12 shot.  Right Raffy.  Probably 80% of the players in the era where on it.  The owners and commissioner all looked away while these guys brought baseball back from the strike year with big home runs.  This tainted generation of ball players ruined it for the few that did not use it (like maybe Orel Hershiser and Pedro Martinez).

Barry Bonds Rookie Card
Topps Traded 1986
Mark McGwire Rookie Card
Topps 1985
Roger Clemens Rookie Card
Topps 1985

Orel Hershiser was affectionately nick named "Bull Dog" by Tommy Lasorda.  In 1988 he had a magical season that led the Dodgers to fulfill Lasorda's motto for the year "Believe it and you can achieve it!".  Hershiser's scoreless inning streak helped propel the unlikely group of ball players past the Mets (which owned them in the regular season).  They disposed of Tony LaRussa's merry band of juicer (Jose Canceco and Mark McGwire) in only 5 games! 

Orel Hershiser
1985 Donruss Rookie Card

Remember When - "Bo Knows Baseball".  He hit some monster homeruns!  Who knows what he would have done if he didn't get injured.  A true two sport star - not like that pretender "neon deon".

Bo Jackson Rookie Card
Fleer 1987

Johnny Bench
1983 Topps Super Veteran
Carl Yastrzemski
1981 Topps

I got to see some greats like George Brett, Carlton Fisk, Yaz, and Johnny Bench finish their Hall of Fame careers.

George Brett
1980 Topps
Carlton Fisk
1982 Topps